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Kobato, 2/3

Angelic Layer and (more) Chobits represent, plus, well, more of the Wish cast in still pictures. The last ones went into an odd bit of worldbuilding in episode 12. I say odd because we got some answers about Iorogi-san, but still nothing about Kobato, and the whole episode was very alone in focusing on whatever the hell it is that Kobato is supposed to be doing, rather than what Kobato is doing.

Enough of the series has gone to plot-irrelevant customer of the day episodes for the entire series to have landed in the "cute but meh" territory no matter what happens in the last third of it. The worst thing that a lot of the customers aren't even customers who need to have their hearts healed, so it's less "Kobato's quest to fulfill her wish" and more "Kobato's everyday adventures whose outcome you know the moment they're introduced". I'm greatly approving of Kohaku's recurring presence in it, and even more of her acting as the voice of reason (it says something about Kobato's ditzy spirit that Kohaku is the mature one of the pair).

Episode 16 seems to hint that there might be something happening from now on, but so did other episodes. For perspective: the only continuous development in the series has so far been that Fujimoto gradually has come out as less of a jerk, to everybody's great shock and surprise (except not).

Prediction for the end: Sayaka's debt problem is solved, Fujimoto and Kobato have a terribly tacked-on romance, Kobato gets the chance to have her wish fulfilled but choses to stay with her new friends.

If it was up to me, Fujimoto would've been Kobato's long lost brother who she has been travelling dimensions to find. God only knows they look the part.