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Romeo x Juliet isn't the first anime I've watched for five hours+ straight, but I think it's the first one where I haven't at some point had to pause and remind myself why I'm doing it.

I'm also fairly certain that Romeo x Juliet marks the first time where I don't want to put in the last DVD because I don't want it to be over.

(the funny thing is that it isn't that brilliant. Rather, it's that I'm so terribly picky about love stories that it always surprises me when I enjoy them)
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Hetalia - France / L'Internationale

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It is a lot harder to be flippant with the numbers and the time aspects and the chain of events start coming in, but let me express the annoyance with self-absorbed Norwegian media anyway: After airing live news broadcast continually for 24+ hours, the daily news magazine is an expanded version that is, for fuck's sake, fully devoted to the attacks. Famine in Africa? Eurozone troubles? US politicians fucking their own economy over with expected consequences for the rest of the world? The rest of the world moves on even if Norway suddenly got a lot less boring in a horrible manner. I'm relying on German and British web newspapers for updates on things not about the shootings. (Which are - as it is - that Amy Winehouse no longer is with us, and the Euro is making life hard for Switzerland. Well.)

Most of what I feel that I can say are things that would be relevant only for national politics, but I've spent the day with a feeling of vague unease and the TV constantly in the background. I can't be angry on personal behalf (my mum knows someone who knows a girl who was badly wounded, that's the closest), and I refuse to be angry on some kind of national behalf, but the political ideas that laid at the bottom of this are not new to me. I had him pegged as right-wing three hours before the national media, because the Labour Youth Wing is such a Norwegian thing and a matter of strictly national politics, and a matter of politics to the point where the only ones with that kind of grudge would be involved on the other side of Norwegian politics (details). I never imagined we'd see something like this happening, but I've been following debates in comments to online newspapers, and blogs that follow the fascist tinhats. I knew there were conspiracy theorists who believed that the government was undermining the country by letting the Muslims conquer it, if not outright in cahoots with the Caliphate. I'm not fully surprised to hear that one of them attacked the cabinet. The massacre of the AUF camp, however, speaks of a completely different level of lunacy.

The ironic part is of course the initial reaction of the Norwegian Right Wing (the Muslims hate us) and the Islamists abroad (jihad came to Norway), when it is in fact was the action of a person who - going by his online activities - was out to take out the Labour Party and stop it from letting more evil Muslims come to the country to rape our women and take our money.
Alfons / The Smashing Pumpkins

Hetalia, Christianity, and the freedom of having a polluting vehicle that consumes money and time

The most beautiful part of Hetalia 4 is undoubtedly Joan of Arc's reincarnation, because my atheism only gets gleeful when it hits the religion that forced me into countless hours in the farce of worship that is the Norwegian state church.

The last time was a week ago, when the logistics of me getting around without having to pay the bus ticket in the end included a visiting family member who really really wanted to go to church. So I went to church for something other than funerals, confirmations or Christmas for the first time since my own confirmation. From this was gained the realisation that Lutheran hymns must be the most artistically unambitions form of music there ever was. I could predict the end of most lines by looking at the one above it.

Ironically, I was more exciting about hearing God's voice than seeing Hungary beat up France when That Episode was animated, and I fully approve of his attempt at turning Estonia into the protagonist of a harem anime. But fictionally fictive omnipotent entities are fundamentally different from every dreary hour of my life that I've spent in church because that's what we do on Christmas and May 17. The end of the story is that I'm in the process of buying a car, and that is scary but could ultimately have spared me last Sunday, fuel costs aside.
Takuya - REM

A comparison of the different language version of Digimon Frontier:

- Junko Takeuchi as Takuya.
- Kouji being voiced by a certain teacher.
- "Nii-san"
- Proper Evo theme

- The re-use of VAs from previous series and following shout-outs
- Intentional comedy
- Cheesy episode titles
- Cheesily re-named digimon. Kendogarurumon. What the hell.
- Thanks to various accent/dialect, I only catch about 75% of the dialogue of Team Cherubimon

- Gradeschoolers not sounding like twenty-somethings
- (Except Kouichi)
- More faithful to the Japanese version than the English one is, name changes not counted
- Including the Japanese soundtrack. Complete with badly translated songs.
- Ha, translation of Digi-terminology - Dobbeltespiritdigitation!
- All the Very Exotic German of the Jap. version sounds odd here
- Listening skills increase
- But that German refusal to dub children's TV properly